Doug Winston

In Spring of 2009 I started to experience miserable pain deep in my foot between my left arch and heel after jumping off a three foot obstacle during a run. Driving was the worst as it the driving position increased the pain even over short periods. It refused to heal (pun intended). I hiked, biked and ran in pain all summer. I thought I was going to be stricken with this forever. It was diagnosed as Planter Fasciitis and as I asked around, many my age had experience with PF. One person actually had surgery to cut the tendon that caused the pain, which I thought was extreme.

I asked Ron about it and he was another one of the PF sufferers. He introduced me to the FootLog as well as working out in my socks or barefoot. He also explained that the foot is designed to claw the ground and modern footwear works against this natural mechanism causing these sorts of problems. It seemed to me counter intuitive to me to do this as I thought it would aggravate the pain but I started seeing results in a few days. The pain was gone in a month or so. To this day, I wear minimalist shoes for all my physical activities. I’ve not had a reoccurrence. Thanks Ron!

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