Aline LaTurner, California

I injured my foot pretty badly my sophomore year of college and ended up getting plantar fasciitis. The pain was really mild after the initial injury but continued for another year or so. Then I ended up going on a bouldering trip over Spring Break this year. Unfortunately my tiny little ballerina rock climbing shoes, along with the fact that I didn’t take them off enough when I didn’t need them, just made it worse. I developed this huge knot in my foot that wouldn’t go away! I tried massaging it with my hands, but it didn’t give much relief. This continued for a few more months, but then Ron’s wife Candas Jones, who at the time claimed that the bottoms of my feet “felt like piano strings” (I believe it!), showed me the FootLog and within a few minutes my pain and swelling was 95% gone. It felt great! The next day when I woke up the knot and the pain was 100% gone! I purchased a foot log soon after and still use it all the time, especially when my feet feel tight after bouldering. It’s probably the most ingeniously quick, simple, and effective invention to cure foot pain. I found out I didn’t have to live with foot pain if I didn’t want to. This is definitely a life-changing product!

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