Under Armour Resistor Training Socks Review

May 5, 2014

The more educated or “foot literate” I become, the closer to the ground force reactions my feet want to be. I prefer thin sole shoes over thick sole shoes. I have even noticed that my feet hate thick socks now! I have been buying very nice socks hoping they will last longer plus be better for my feet. After numerous pairs of “expensive” socks failing after just a few outings by holes developing in the toe section, I decided to try socks that cost less. The problem is that cheaper socks do not ride properly in my shoes–they crinkle, roll, and basically don’t feel good. I recently found and tried some of the new Under Armour “Resistor Training” socks and absolutely love them! They are very thin, made of tech fibers, stay put on my feet while running on the trails or just casually walking, and even better, they come in a six-pack at an economical price. You can find them retail for around $22.00 or as low as $15.00 on line.

The thinner the socks–the happier my feet generally. If I am doing extended hiking, then yes, I will layer my socks for more friction control. If I am in colder weather, I will opt for a thicker and warmer sock like the SmartWool brand, but for everyday wear from casual to running in good weather, I really love the new UA Resistor Training socks. They come in both white or black and also have low-cut options too.

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